Target Red Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Target Red Card Login:

Steps to Logging in to your account:

1. Copy and paste the url we provided above into your web browser's address bar. Press Enter and wait for the page to load fully before proceeding. 

2. You will be presented with a page for you to enter your login credentials. Type in your Username and Password in their respective text fields. Be sure to enter your credentials carefully since the website is capital-sensitive, and mistake in capitalization will require you to enter your login credentials again.

3. Click Sign In and wait for our account's Manage page to load. You have now successfully logged in. 


Having problems with your username or password? Reset you login credentials with the following steps:

1. Under the username and password text fields are links that say 'Forgot your username/password?' Click on the link and it will bring you into a new page.

2. Three options will be shown to you, namely, username, password, or both. Choose according to what you forgot. Continue to proceed. 

3. A new page will load, prompting you to enter your account number. Get a hold of your Red Card, look for your account number, and type in the number accordingly. Click Continue. 

4. You will be prompted to to answer to few security questions to verify your identity. Proceed until you can change your login credentials.

5. Alternativey, you can just open your e-mail if you just forgot your username or password. Look for the verification e-mail Target sent to you when you first created your account. Your login credentials will be there, and you just have to log in normally in the provided Target Red Card login url. You can always change your credentials if you want or need to.

More problems? Here are a few contact details in case you need to Target to answer inquiries regarding your REDCard:

For outside of the U.S., call 1-612-307-8622. 
For Take Charge of Education, call 1-800-316-6142.

Never fret on loggin in to you Target Red Card account again!